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Mobiliser at Lagos Chiropractic

Lagos Chiropractic mobiliser

Spinal Mobiliser

Lagos Chiropractic is pleased to introduce the first Spinal Mobiliser machines to Portugal. The Mobiliser is a powerful passive spinal motion tool made to exacting standards. Dr. Adam Rich (DC) offers the use of the Mobiliser to patients to apply mobilisation to the spine, gaining rapid advances with patients that need more than hands-on treatment. The Mobiliser is recognised as a breakthrough in spinal optimisation.


Mobilisation of the spinal joints is known:

  • To safely tackle chronic joint pain

  • To help with manipulative treatments

  • To improve resilience in daily activities

  • To reduce inflammation and increase circulation levels

  • To create a positive circle of greater movement...greater fitness...greater movement


The mobiliser is used by:

  • Back, neck and hip pain sufferers

  • Athletes, cyclists, golfers and horse riders.

  • All Great British MOD / NATO / RAF Rehabilitation Centres.

  • Dozens of GB Olympic gold medalists

  • Chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, GPs and hospitals.

  • Those with long-term painful illnesses needing symptomatic muscular relief 

For more information on this service you can call, email or drop into our clinic.

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