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Why we love what we do at Lagos Chiropractic

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“I arrived from the US in Lagos with a lot of hip pain. I found Dr. Rich online and they agreed to see me that day. Dr. Rich is relatable, kind, caring and funny. He is also excellent at adjusting extremities, as I have a lot of trouble with my wrists and feet. His adjustments helped me immensely.


“Adam is a terrific chiropractor. I am delighted to find his practice in Lagos! Flying on airplanes always leaves me with neck and back pain. I see him every time we arrive in Lagos and in means I have a pain free holiday!


“Dr. Adam was beyond helpful. I had a serious shoulder injury of which I was told I would need at least a month to recover from. After a session with Dr. Adam, I now only need 2 days to get my shoulder back to normal and immediately regained full function… I am speechless... His family run the clinic and exceeded my expectations a 1000 fold. I could not recommend him more. Also ask his son Harvey to teach you the secret to a perfect high five! Easily 5 stars


"He is the best, I highly recommend Dr. Adam Rich to be your chiropractor. He is very expert. God bless him and his family.


“I highly recommend visiting Dr. Adam if you are ever in Lagos. This is a true opportunity to come out feeling like your body is functioning like it should be. I walked in focused on a few areas, as the Dr. said I was being thorough – lol! He recognised that I was in pain before I even showed him my chart or spoke to him. A true sign of his experience in this field. My whole group, around 10 people, came in to visit him three days in a row and we all reported feeling a difference instantly. People, who had unexplained pains for years, felt better and understood what was causing it as he took the time to not only diagnose and adjust but also to explain. That is a rare experience nowadays in medicine. We all appreciated his candour and professionalism. Honestly we all wish we had Dr. Adam and his family in Saudi Arabia. If you want to stop complaining about neck, back or any body pain, then visit Lagos Health Chiropractic.


“Me and my partner were hosting our first yoga retreat. It was the perfect ending to the retreat going to Dr Adam for a final adjustment. Everyone from the retreat went to see him and felt great! And some went again the day after! Would highly recommend him!!


"Adam is such a great guy, amazing at what he does!


“I am pleased to write this brief testimonial for the excellent service I received from Adam Rich in sorting out a back problem I incurred on my yacht while fixing a leak in a confined space under a sink. A bad angle and a slipped spanner gave my back a twinge that Adam sorted at short notice. Still a little tender but improving fast.


“First consultation today. Found Adam very informative. Pinpointed my problem. Another session already booked. Brilliant machine for manipulating the spine, like a massive electric roller, 15 minutes go on that, epic.


“I have suffered with lower back issues for some years. I had reached a point where I would stand up and walk with a stoop until I could straighten a bit. I have some damage to a disc and therefore lost incentive to work in the garden or home. Over the years I have tried several types of massage etc. Recently I asked Adam at Lagos Chiropractic if he could help. After just a few sessions with him and on his wonderful back machine I am amazed at the improvement. I walk straight, I can work physically all day. Great at 77 years. I recommend this practice. Adam is a truly gifted Doctor. I cannot thank him for the improvement to my life he has made possible. He is busy but always helps those in need of help. I live here in The Algarve having moved from countries where high-class medicine was available. This beats it all.


“I’m so glad I read the Tomorrow article. Was not disappointed. Very professional, explains everything and great results. Don’t put off that visit!!! Wish I’d gone sooner.


“This man is exceptional at his profession and wonderful as a person! He accepted my walk in appointment even though he was finished for the day and worked me in the following day as well, even though his schedule was full. He very obviously, to me, loosened up my spine and improved my sciatica in just those two sessions. His personality is infectious and his chiropractic skills are amazing. I would return again, without hesitation, if I could.


“Running a Sports Centre is a great life, but with it comes lots of activity and standing / running / working out whether it be coaching or taking part in activities with clients. Week in week out you can tweak something and need adjustment, in Adam I’ve found someone local and very good value for money whom is also excellent at what he does, Adam keeps me in shape to take on each week feeling my best! Thank you for everything.


“A golfer with a long-term spine misalignment issue, causing a lack of rotation and distance, I visited Adam who immediately got to work. I am now pain free, my golf has improved significantly and my handicap is now falling rapidly. Adam is a true professional.


“I am so thankful that Adam helped me! I have had back problems since I was about thirteen and I have been to a lot of different chiropractors and physios. A couple of weeks ago I had so much pain I could not even walk, I found out about Lagos Chiropractic through a friend and I am so happy I found an amazing chiropractor. As a surfer it is nice to have someone that also surfs and knows all about sports injury. So happy to be back in the water and I would recommend Adam to everyone! Now, my take off and turns will be better than ever. Thank you.


“Couldn’t recommend Adam enough, he looked after me and my family. So professional and fantastic in his work. Thank you.


“One visit and six years of pain has gone from my knee!


“Dr Adam Rich is a gifted man with healing hands and a nice guy. I thoroughly recommend this clinic and the results are amazing.


I been few times to an appointment with Dr Adam Rich. He was able to tell me exactly what was wrong and he started the fixing process. I already feel better. I would recommend you to anyone I know. Thank you!


Dr. Adam Rich is fantastic. I highly recommend trying treatment with him before considering drugs or surgery. He diagnosed my problem almost immediately, explained in easy to understand terms what caused the problem, exactly what the problem consisted of, how he could treat it and approximately how long it would take to be resolved. I was terrified, having never had a problem with my back before and after the first session I felt confident that he could treat it. Along with regular treatments from Dr. Rich I have been walking more and doing daily stretches specifically tailored to address a degenerative disk, and in a very short period of time I have experienced relief from the back pain, more strength in the leg affected and increased confidence in my ability to prevent further problems.


Dr Adam Rich is a wonderful chiropractor who has all the knowledge to heal you from your back pain. He saved our holiday as my husband got a terrible pain – almost not able to walk – and received us on a Saturday. He immediately saw where the problem was and showed the way to recovery. He has all the tools and equipment in his clinic. Very professional. He explained very well how to follow up when we got back home to avoid future problems. On the following visit he adjusted my husband’s back and now he is recovering rapidly. We are very grateful and highly recommend him.


Went to see Adam while on holiday last week and he was great. The welcome on entering the surgery is second to none. Adam listens to exactly what the problem is and how it affects your everyday life and then gets to work. After the initial assessment and manipulation of the affected area you get to experience the “bed”! All I can say about that is that it was like getting a full body massage from a sumo wrestler! Ha ha! All joking aside though it was fantastic. I only wish I could have brought Adam and his “bed” home!!


I just wanted to say thank you again for the treatment. I really appreciate all the time and effort you put in it. It is a different and better approach than other chiropractors in my experience. Although I am still feeling pain, overall I feel better. Let’s see what the next months will do. I’ll keep you updated. Enjoy the summer and don’t forget to go surfing:)


Literally saved my holiday from disaster, amazing chiropractor!! Never been in so much pain and dreadfully incapacitated with an extremely sore hip. After a few treatments I can walk, I am almost pain free and can enjoy the last few days of sunshine with my family. Cannot thank you enough.


Due to a herniated disc and degenerative lumbar discs, I have had recurrent back pain for several years. My recent episode lasted for 2 months & was not resolving despite taking strong pain medication daily. My mobility was restricted due to back pain, neck pain and a weak wobbly leg. 5 weeks ago, I had my first assessment session with Dr Adam Rich and after that first session I have been pain free and pill free. I cannot thank you enough Adam, I now have my life back and have been able to enjoy building up my fitness levels again. 5 weeks after only 4 sessions, I am going on long country walks with my dog, swimming, dancing, even house cleaning is a doddle, as I now “have the moves like Jagger”!!! Dr Adam Rich listens to the problems that you have and how it affects your daily life. Then he comes up with an action plan, including preventative measures to reduce the risk of further problems. Adam you are an exceptionally skilled practitioner and I would highly recommend your positive treatment sessions.


Feeling great just after my first session. Great job.


My back problems have been greatly relieved in 3 sessions.


Thank you so much Dr Adam, you really did put my son back together. He was in agony and couldn’t even swing his golf club and no way could he have played until he saw you. He literally drove from you at 9am and Teed off at 10 am that day. And I am sure that down to your overall treatment and manipulation of his neck, back hips etc he is in better shape than he was before. Thank you so much 👍⛳️


I went to see Dr Adam Rich when I woke up one morning and had excruciating lower back pain that was so debilitating I couldn't even stand up straight. I was in a lot of pain and didn't know where to turn. I had never been to a chiropractor before but someone recommended Adam (thank goodness), and after one session, whilst it was by no means a quick fix due to the nature of my problem, I was at least standing up straight and a bit more mobile than I had been! A few more sessions and I was able to return to the job that I love, being a dog groomer. If it wasn't for the professional service at Lagos Chiropractic I literally do not know what I would have done. I cannot recommend their services highly enough.


I highly recommend visiting Dr. Adam Rich. I went in with back pain, stiff and unable to bend enough to touch my toes. With just the first treatment I was already feeling much better. After a few successive treatments / adjustments I am very happy to say that I have regained my flexibility and overcame the stiffness I had in my back. I sincerely recommend this guy!!


I arrived in Portugal with severe back pain and sciatica and was met on a walk-in appointment with grace and concern and worked on ASAP. I was given a worked in appointment for the following day before I had to continue my travels. I will always be grateful to Dr Adam. I agree with other reviews: The best Chiropractor I have ever been too.


A big thank you to Adam for fixing for lower back pain that I have been struggling with for the last eight months.

Im so grateful to be pain free.


My back problems have been greatly relieved in 3 sessions.


I came for upper back & neck problems. I am still looking forward to another session with Adam, and can so far say: He not only changed my physical well being but my all over well-being. From the first session on I started to feel also a change in humour, sense of happiness, I am full of energy to put ideas into action! I feel more patient and positive again after passing a time of weird sensations of depression and feeling down. In general I was always a quite content person and had no idea what happened to me, getting stuck with negative and grumpy thoughts just going in circles. And there it is and shows once again: Everything in our body is connected and going to see Adam did not only change my physical wellbeing but went hand in hand with an improvement of my emotional state as EVERYTHING can flow again! What a feeling!.... I told Adam about it and he explained how the body works and why this makes so much sense! If your fundament is corrected it will improve your muscles, nervous system etc , just all! Thank you Adam!!


Really good and very nice chiropractor. Every year our regular stop during our holidays.


I have tried many chiropractors in Toronto, Canada and Zurich, Switzerland and Dr. Rich tops them all. He did an excellent job in relieving my back, hip, neck and elbow pain. Many thanks Adam, I'm truly grateful!

Christian R

Adam treated me while I was on holiday in Lagos where I experienced severe back pain. He was recommended to my by a local physiotherapist as a very good chiropractor. I never went to a chiropractor before and had a very positive experience all round. The treatment was great (did not hurt) and my back pain improved significantly. Adam consulted me very well, also relating to long term treatment. He went absolutely above and beyond. Also his assistant staff are very nice. Very positive experience all round.


Thank you Dr Adam and Lgos Chiropractic. Dr. Adam is an absolute rock star! When I came to Lagos I was barely able o move my lower back. After a series of adjustments from Dr. Adam, my condition improved immensely. I have now been in Nepal for almost 4 months, and the adjustments have held. I can honestly say that I have seen many chiropractors over the course of many years, and hands down, Dr. Adam is the best!


Dr Andrew makes wonders in my back. He also fixed my sons injury caused by competition sports. He performed miracles on my husbands legs, when hope was almost lost by some doctors. Thank you so much.


He is very professional an polite. Treatment is always good.


Really happy to have found a great Chiropractor, for help with my neck and back pain. Dr Adam is professional, friendly and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to treat pain, or simply maintain good long term health!


Thank you! Dr Adam Rich saved my vacation with my family. I had heavy back pain (already at home but ignoring it) and really heavy after the flight from Germany to Portugal. I get a really fast appointment after the day I called and after the first treatment I really felt better. After the second (just ten minutes ago) my vacation can go on now. Dr Rich and his team are really really nice and caring.

Royan Anthony

Cant say enough in praise for my experience with Adam. My lower back had locked up and I got an appointment in 48 hours. Adam managed to release my spine in my first appointment, I could have hugged him. Four weeks later I am moving around like nothing had happened. I am pain free, cycling and playing golf again. I would not hesitate to recommend Adam, the mans a power of good.


Upon arrival in Lagos for a few days of vacation, I blocked my back. Luckily Dr Rich was able to see me in consultation immediately. Once my back was unlocked, in some impressive and very effective manipulations, I told him another issue. I had caught covid 2 months earlier, and the persistence of the symptoms had brought me into the "long covide" section. The worst pains were head and stomach aches, plus permanent fatigue. Dr Rich immediately told me it was from the vagus nerve and offered to correct it. It was necessary to act on three levels of cervicals. So I had three brief sessions in four days where Dr Rich cracked my neck up loudly. Awesome but not painful.

However my head and stomach aches persisted and it even got worse and worse. The return to France on Saturday was hard. Monday back to work was a calvary. Then suddenly, Monday night nothging. Ideas clear, no more pains. The next few days the fatigue has faded and it keeps getting better.

Headaches haven't come back, Im reliving. I am extremely grateful and admiring for the efficacy and simplicity of treatment. In addition to skill and talent, Dr Rich is very friendly and his assistant Eugenia is lovely. Looking forward to my next vacation in Lagos.


I cannot recommend Adam enough. He is very experienced, funny and professional. This was my first time at a Chiropractor so I was scared that the adjustments would hurt or that he would break my back or head. Andrew is very calming and gentle and explains everything well. I felt super safe in his hands and would definitely come back.

I found myself in his place after going to several doctors that couldn't help me with my vertigo symptoms and my tight neck and neck pain. Just in one session Andrew did his maneuvers on me and opened up my tight neck and shoulder muscles. I feel amazing now.

Biba Tanya

m so pleased to have found this magical place. Adam has given me emergency appointments when needed, adjusts my children, is professional and kind and sorts out my mess of a back.

Highly, highly recommend

Margaret Macleay

Avoided chiropractor, as advised by physiotherapist following MRI who only offered surgery, until sciatic pain became unbearable. Decided to visit Adam for a consultation and he not only relieved my pain but gave me some great advice. Now carrying  on my treatment in the UK but will definitely be back to see Lagos Chiropractic in future.


Who would think that here in a corner of Portugal in a little town, you would find probably one of the best Chiropractors in the world in the form of Dr Adam Rich. London is always the place for everything in my opinion but on this occasion I would say Lagos may well be the place for a great Chiropractor. I have been to him a few times and he has left me feeling amazing and totally fixed. He is a specialist in what he does and very knowledgeable and friendly. If my experience is not good enough for you to make your mind up about visiting him, they you may want to know that he has treated celebrities like George Micheal and Prince Charles. Anyway if you are in need of fixing a long or short term problem to do with your spine, neck, hip hip, shoulders etc I cannot recommend him highly enough. I will not be going to any Chiropractor in London anymore. He is my first port of call from now on. Like many decent people he doesn't charge silly amounts because of his experience. Well worth a visit if you are in Portugal.

Renier Bleeker

Adam is a great guy! He helps out however he can. When he works his magic my back feels so much more lighter and relieved from pain. He made me confident that this chronic pain can be healed which I am very grateful for.

Thanks Adam!

Maria Gerstein

Dr Rich is a wonderful person, an amazing and professional chiropractor. He helped me always with my back, shoulders and neck pain. One time he even treated me spontaneously at the beach after surfing. Always funny, witty and generous. I highly recommend Dr Rich.

Rachel Severin

Wow. This man has magic hands. I've been to many chiropractors before and had different treatments, but nothing like this! Excellent, I can only highly recommend him!

Sharon Salman

My first time at a Chiropractor. Had shoulder pain for a long time. After my very first session the pain reduced by half. Been going for the last month and the improvement is constant. I highly recommend Adam

Laura Whelan

This is the place to go if you have back problems. I travel to and from Portugal a lot and nobody can get my back aligned as good as Adam. Its all done in 5 to 10 minutes. You are also treated to a lovely massage after the treatment and all included in the price. The price is also very competitive.

Service with a big warm smile.

Christian Gunther

Dr Adam Rich did a perfect job with my back pain that I've been suffering from for three weeks. Being a doctor myself, I would say that chiropractic and medicine should go hand in hand. Thank you a lot.


We are so grateful to have found Dr Andrew. Not only his he warm and attentive, listening to my concerns and addressing each. It is clear he is passionate about what he does and highly knowledgeable. Know your entire family young and old would be in the most capable and caring hands.

Margaret McSorely

Awesome, that´s the one word I can use to describe the care I receive from Dr Adam Rich. My years of back pain due to herniated disc have now been relieved with 6 weekly maintenance adjustment sessions. The care I receive enables me to keep active and function normally. Dr Adams clinical knowledge is outstanding, he is compassionate and caring. I highly recommend him.

Suni aged 11

I like Dr Andrew most of all the chiropractors I have seen, and I have seen four chiropractors in my life. He is really really nice and does the adjustments gentle but good. I liked his style a lot and he seems happy a lot. I would definitely recommend to see him and I rate him a 5 out of 5/


I had been in agony for over three weeks with my neck, unable to turn my head, lay down or turn over and sleep was not possible due to the pain. I saw an osteopath in the UK that didn't help. Dr Adam in Lagos saw me twice for my neck and also my hip. I can genuinely say I feel like a new woman. The pain has gone and he was phenomenal. He is an expert that I cannot recommend highly enough. Thank you so much.

Joost Rombout

A great relief!! During my holidays I had a problem with a dis-positioned disc in my lower back. Dr Rich was able to immediately relieve me from my pain and clearly explained what caused it and more importantly, what I should do to prevent this from happening again. Thanks!!

Susanne Christensen

I was on holiday and had such bad vertigo that I could not get out of bed. Dr Garbett agreed to come in early to see me and spent a lot of time assessing and working on me. He completely fixed the issue causing the vertigo so I could continue with my holiday. I am so thankful to him and recommend anyone to go and see him.

Carlos Lourenco

Excelente profissional, tinha dores nas costas devido ao meu trabalho, sempre sentado, e depois de 1 sessao senti-me 5 *

Rebecca Muller

We arrived in Lagos and my boyfriend had immense lower back pain. He had an oblique posture and could hardly work. We called Dr Adam and got an appointment the same day. Dr Adam could already release the major issue and proposed to cool the back, take some ibroprufen and come back the next day. At the second appointment Dr Adam could release the blockade and my boyfriend was able to stand upright and walk normal. We can highly recommend Dr Adam.

Colin Wright

I have had intermittent hip pain issues, due to a bony spur pressing on a nerve for several years. I was a bit skeptical at first to visit a chiropractor BUT I was very relieved and surprised that after my first session my mobility and flexibility had greatly improved. After three sessions I have no pain what so ever and can again keep active and function normally. Dr Adam Rich is excellent and highly recommend him.

Georgina Hudson

I came across Dr Adam Rich on Google. I've suffered from lower back pain for quite some time and after a long trip from Spain to Lagos, I decided to give a chiropractor a chance. I'm glad I did, Doctor Adam was patient with my swollen back at first and adjusted it later t o the point I feel taller. Its not only the doctors professionalism Id like to highlight but his kind and dedicated was to relating to me. Thanks.

Jon Aldiss

Adam fixed my knee that had been making me limp for over 8 years. Limping was putting my back and other joints out regularly too. Other Chiros gave short term relief. Adam adjusted my knee so that I am back to full fitness and training hard on it again when I thought I was resigned to a life of being mildly crippled. Really impressed with his skills.

Juisney Morales

Great chiropractors I always see Dr Adam and have benefited from his treatment. Highly recommend this space thank you.


Best decision to get an appointment there. I have been struggling with neck, upper and lower back pain and pain in the hips for ages, seeking for help. Three sessions of diagnosis and adjustment by Dr Adam and I am living and sleeping without pain now. I will have it checked every couple of months. I was a bit frightened but they distract you with stories. Very professional and a total relief, I am super happy with the result. 

Agata Rymkiewicz

I was able to get an appointment within two hours even though the office was full of patients, and was greeted on time by Dr Adam Rich treated professionally and kindly. He solved my neck/shoulder blockage in the first session. Two appointments followed to stabilize the neck area and save my vacation. I am extremely grateful, very satisfied and recommend Dr Adam Rich happy to continue.

Colin Wright

I have had intermittent hip pain issues, due to a bony spur pressing on a nerve for several years. I was a bit skeptical at first to visit a chiropractor BUT I was very relieved and surprised that after my first session my mobility and flexibility had greatly improved. After three sessions I have no pain what so ever and can again keep active and function normally. Dr Adam Rich is excellent and highly recommend him.

Amanda Bes

Thank you Adam!! I am so grateful to have found and be treated by such a professional, clearly an expert in his field. I felt instant relief after my first session with him, having been in pain three weeks following a surf accident. The board hit my head hard and perforated my ear drum, water in my ear for three weeks. Not only did he remove the pain and stiffness in my neck, but since he has experience treating my exact problem, and being a surfer himself, he understood my situation and needs perfectly. I feel in extremely good hands and very grateful for his skilled service, knowledge and recovery advice. I recommend Adam 100%.

Alexander Bernier

Great service, saved my holidays after tweaking my back. Highly recommend this place.

Jhona Duarte 

I suffered intense back pain that starts on my neck down to my lower back. I have seen a chiropractor in London before but it didn't solve much of my problem. Fast forward we moved to the Algarve and heard about Lagos Chiropractic from a friend and I'm thankful because Dr Adam made a big difference to my problem. Before I felt that I needed to visit the clinic every week, however after only a few adjustments with Dr Adam now I only need to see him 3 or 4 times a year. I'm grateful for Dr Adams effort and work. It has made a big difference to my day to day life.

Brigette Spurgeon

Dr Andrew is very thorough and attentive. I feel so much better after only two treatments. I highly recommend this clinic.

Sasha Lewis

Dr Adam Rich is fabulous! I went to him with nagging shoulder pain while on holiday. Very quick to get an appointment and all the stiffness was gone post two short sessions with him. He really knows what he is doing and is very efficient. Highly recommended if you have been struggling with joint aches. He will resoclve it for you.

Jean Calmard

I had a bad arm, sciatic pain last march. Tried other treatments and only Adam managed to help me out. He is very nice and very professional. After the first session I was much better and it only needed a few more to completely heal. If there was a sixth star I would give it gladly. Sorry I couldn't make it for the last appointment. Thanks a lot Adam.

Chris Bridle

Me and my husband saw Dr Adam Rich when he used to practise in the UK. I can honestly say he is the best you can get. I have great respect for him.

S Cann

Excellent service, excellent advise. Visited whilst hardly able to walk. Two days later I could move and enjoy the rest of my holiday.

Inge Espinosa

I got an appointment quickly and the therapy was very effective.


He is simply the best! World Class!! My Hero with healing hands. Quick and very effective. Adams treatment is an experience. Jesus cant be better.

Jorge G

Quite possibly the most caring, best quality chiropractor I have ever met. Thank you for being here


Adam, you did an amazing job on my back, thank you so much. I feel so much better.


I came to this chiropractor last summer, while I was travelling in Portugal. My back was messed up due to pulling all the luggage and I was in pain. The chiropractor was the best I've ever been to. He fixed my back, and my trip was great from that point on. He adjusted me, spent time with me and put me on that roller machine. It was fantastic. He is the best.

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